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Microsoft has outfitted the Windows 11 OS with a plethora of applications, but these free PC apps take its capabilities to a whole new level.
Microsoft Windows 11 is an excellent operating system, but it can be even better with the help of these free and valuable PC applications. While the operating system comes with many pre-installed apps, it still lacks some integral features that many people need to complete their daily productivity tasks with ease. However, the beauty of the PC as a platform is that a fix for every problem is always available.  
Windows 11 was released as a successor to the popular Windows 10 OS. Soon after its launch, it received some initial flak for not being compatible with older-gen PC hardware. Despite that initial hiccup, the Windows 11 OS came into its own a few months later. The latest version of the OS works well and offers the same level of performance as its predecessor. Windows 11 also introduced many new features like AUTO HDR, a redesigned UI, revamped Windows store and more. However, despite these changes, Windows 11 is still missing a couple of essential apps.
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Thankfully, over the years, PC software developers worldwide have made some of the best applications that users can download and use to streamline their workflow. These apps include an intuitive streaming software, a writing assistant, an improved search tool and more. The best part is that all these applications are free and help significantly to improve the experience of using a Windows 11 PC.
Recording and streaming can be a challenge. OBS makes these processes easy. Its easy-to-navigate interface is a welcoming feature for new PC users. Furthermore, the free PC streaming software also has an auto-configuration wizard, which automatically selects the best setting based on the task at hand. Users can choose the resolution, FPS, and recording quality of their footage through OBS for easy optimization. OBS is also available for free on Steam, which is very convenient.
Search on the Windows 11 is a little bit slow. For most PC users, it is easier to search the entire internet instead of their own device. This is precisely where the free search app Everything comes in. It is a powerful and helpful tool to search and locate any file on a Windows 11 PC at lightning-fast speed. Everything also allows users to search for a specific file type, thus enhancing the search operation. The app also has the cut, copy, paste feature built into it so users can easily manage their files.
To get the most out of a computer, a user must know their PC, and the HWiNFO is an awesome tool for doing so. It reveals details of all the components in a computer and how they’re working at any given time. Users can use it to check the performance of their CPU, GPU and memory. HWiNFO also has a feature that allows users to log data in the background while their computer finishes any particular task. Once completed, it delivers in-depth information regarding power consumed, the maximum temperature reached, and more by the CPU and GPU.
GPU overclocking is often the first step PC users take as they begin their journey of tinkering with other components. Mainly because overclocking a GPU has an immediate effect on improved gaming performance. Meaning with a little bit of tinkering, PC users can get more life out of their old GPUs. However, this procedure is not without its drawbacks. Overclocking a GPU beyond its limits can physically destroy it along with other components in a PC. Thankfully Heaven is a life-saving tool that PC users can use to check the stability of their GPU overclock. It runs a pre-defined graphic scene to check the performance of a GPU in any given state.
For users who need to reply to many emails or inquiries daily, Espanso is a lifesaver. It is an open-source text expander that allows users to skip typing similar sentences repeatedly. With Espanso, users can create various templates for replying to different cases. It also has a search bar allowing users to search for any specific snippet that they’re looking for. Furthermore, since it is an open-source app, users can install personalized packages according to their needs. It is an application with enormous potential, but its text-expanding feature will suffice for most users.
According to scientific studies, staring at screens during nighttime reduces melatonin production, the hormone responsible for managing the body’s sleep-wake cycle. It is especially bad for people who feel extra productive during the night or who have to work late due to a special project. The free Windows 11 app f.lux works to solve this exact issue. It changes the color of a computer screen depending upon the time of day. During the night, it’ll set the screen’s color tone to warm, and during the daytime, it’ll restore the screen to its original state. It quietly works in the background and slowly changes the screen color as the night dawns. It is one of the most useful Windows apps out there.
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