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No More Robots will publish rural life RPG Spirittea, which was first funded on Kickstarter back in January 2020, for console and PC (Steam) when it launches in 2022. Specific consoles were not announced.
Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:
Wait! Who the heck are you?! Can you see me? You CAN, can’t you? You’ve drunk the Spirittea and now you can see me!! Look, we’ve got problems! This town is crawling with troublemaking spirits. They’ve become lost because humans have stopped worshipping, leaving offerings or even thinking about them anymore.
This is—well… used to be a nice town, but there have been some strange goings-on lately! You’re going to find the spirits causing mayhem and fix their problems so they can become paying customers, and get to know the townspeople and explore the mountain to its fullest!
Here’s the stuff you’ll want to get involved in:

The Bathhouse
The bathhouse is an ancient spirit building hidden up in the mountain, and it’s up to you to clean it up and fill it full of customers! Once the spirits are in the bathhouse, you’ll need to clean towels, chop wood to heat the baths and seat the spirits with their friends for the ultimate bathing experience. Each spirit has their own preferences so you’ll need to get to know them all and upgrade the bathhouse to become the best bathhouse keeper around.
To keep your bathhouse running, you’ll need to:
Watch the announcement trailer below. View a new set of screenshots at the gallery.
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