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Swiss manufacturer Pilatus presented the different configuration possibilities for the PC-24 «Super Versatile Jet». The objective, according to the company, is to offer the most versatile business jet on the market. For Pilatus, «a business jet designed for flexible use must have an interior that can be reconfigured to suit different missions».
Available options include up to nine different cabin configuration possibilities. The most popular offers eight seats in two classes: six executive seats and two additional commuting seats. A series of removable panels allow space separations to be established. It can also carry ten people in a uniform configuration.
Each seat, designed with ergonomic criteria, can rotate through 180 degrees. All of them can be removed and stowed in the rear of the aircraft to reduce cabin density and increase space on board.
On the other hand, the PC-24’s cargo door and flat floor facilitate the stowage and transport of heavy or bulky objects. Four rails along the cabin allow for securing them or arranging cargo pallets. According to the manufacturer, this configuration makes it possible to transport up to more than one ton of cargo.

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