Grizzly eSports program adds 2 more players – Ozark Radio News


WEST PLAINS, Mo. – Alex Pinnon, head coach of the Grizzly eSports program at Missouri State University-West Plains (MSU-WP), today announced the signing of two more players to the team.
            They include:

            • Zahren Whited, West Plains, who will play on the Smash Bros roster
            • Andrew Hooker, Norwood, who will play on the NBA 2K and Call of Duty rosters
            “I am looking forward to adding more depth to our Smash Bros roster and finally signing a student to a sports title,” he said.
            Pinnon also said he has learned of scholarship opportunities through the NJCAAE, the organization through which the Grizzlies will compete.
            “NJCAAE officials just recently announced that some of their seasons will contain a $30,000 scholarship prize pool, so students looking for an opportunity to earn a scholarship and play games should contact our eSports program,” he said.
            Those interested in the scholarship opportunity can reach Pinnon at [email protected].
            Pinnon also said he is still recruiting for roster spots on all titles, and will continue to do so throughout the summer. Current and incoming students who would like to interview for a spot on the rosters can contact Pinnon at [email protected] or at 417-255-7965.
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