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Developer Bohemia Interactive has released military game Arma Reforger in Early Access on PC and Xbox platforms; the team also announced Arma 4.
Following a recent leak, Czech developer Bohemia Interactive has officially rolled out Cold War game Arma Reforger for PC and Xbox and announced Arma 4. The future of Bohemia Interactive’s popular Arma franchise became a topic of discussion a few days ago when credible-looking marketing materials hit the web. Interestingly, the leaked marketing guide suggested Arma Reforger would help bridge the gap between the releases of the series’ third and fourth mainline installments.
A spiritual successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, the Arma games have served up tactical military shooter experiences since the release of the first title, ARMA: Armed Assault, in 2006. In the years since then, Bohemia Interactive has continued to expand upon the franchise with multiple post-launch expansions, spinoff titles, and sequels. The last major entry, Arma 3, hit PC in late 2013, dropping players into military conflict set in the 2030s. In addition to the development team’s long-running support, Arma 3’s vibrant modding community on PC regularly finds ways to reinvigorate the shooter with fresh experiences.
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The crew at Bohemia Interactive recently launched Arma Reforger for PC Early Access and Xbox Series X/S Game Preview. This standalone experience acts as a platform allowing players to engage with the capabilities of the new Enfusion game engine, the studio said in a press release. Moreover, Arma Reforger will provide developers with feedback that should come in handy for the production of the newly announced Arma 4. Though details about the fourth mainline entry remain scarce, Arma Reforger returns the series to its roots, letting users once more explore the fictional island of Everon during the Cold War era. Get a closer look at what the Enfusion engine has on offer in the showcase trailer below (via Arma Platform):
Arma Reforger gives PC players access to baked-in Enfusion tools. Notably, the created content can be shared via the in-game Workshop platform, which allows Xbox users to try user-generated mods, as well. This new title additionally features two multiplayer modes – Conflict and Game Master. Conflict boasts team versus team deployments that task players with working together to secure «strategic positions.» Meanwhile, Game Master acts as a «real-time scenario editor,» a sandbox wherein one or more curators devise combat encounters with mission-making tools.
There’s an air of uncertainty surrounding Arma 4’s eagerly-anticipated release but Arma Reforger could very well constitute a promising appetizer while fans await the main course. How well the Early Access experience succeeds on this front remain to be seen, though. But, at the very least, Arma faithful have something new to sink their teeth into.
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Arma Reforger is playable on PC and Xbox; Arma 4 lacks release details.
Source: Arma Platform/YouTube
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