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EA Games
Apex Legends Mobile officially launched this week for iOS and Android devices. The new mobile spinoff off Respawn Entertainment’s hit battle royale comes with its own unique mobile twists, including the new mobile-first Legends, Fade.
Fade is a “high-tech super soldier harnessing powerful phase-shifting technology.” While his Tactical, Flashback, allows him to phase backward in time to a previous location, its Ultimate is truly what makes him unique. With Phase Chamber, Fade throws an activator core that causes an explosion, making everyone within its radius unable to deal or receive damage. The fact that it affects everyone in its radius and makes them practically useless at dealing damage, makes this a truly strategic ability as it can be used both offensively or defensively, depending on the situation.
Fade is easily one of the coolest Legends to come to the Apex Legends universe — both in terms of looks and ability. So the big question now is if or when he will come to the PC or console versions of Apex Legends.
Well, as of right now, there are no plans to bring Fade to console or PC. He was designed specifically with the mobile game in mind. And it sounds like any future mobile-first Legend will be exclusive to the mobile game as well.
That being said, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t totally ruled out the possibility of Fade or future Legends coming to the other versions of the game. It’s possible they could arrive in the future, but right now we just don’t know.
Although Apex Legends Mobile still shares the same universe and lore as the PC and console versions, it’s a totally standalone game separate from these other versions. This allows Respawn to host exclusive content within this version of the game only. And it sounds like they have some big plans. In addition to the Season 1: Prime Time Battle Pass, the developer teased new content, Limited Time Modes, Legends, region-specific content and Town Takeovers will be coming in the weeks and months ahead.
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