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Space Punks is an online action role-playing game that is exclusively available for free in the Epic Games Store. It looks like a mix of the Borderlands and Diablo video game series. The game is in open beta mode and is regularly updated. 
Play solo or with a four-person squad in intense, action-packed missions. Shoot and loot to gather resources and rewards to upgrade your skills and abilities. Complete missions to earn XP and in-game currency to unlock rewards and upgrades.
Below you will find the complete Space Punk controls for Keyboard and Mouse as well as Xbox One. The developers recommend using a controller for the best experience. 
Dodge: Space
Sprint: Shift
Movement Up: W
Movement Down: S
Movement Left: A
Movement right: D
Shoot while Aiming: Left Click
Melee Attack: Left Click
Heavy Hit Attack: Middle Mouse Button
Aiming: Right Click
Primary Skill: Q
Secondary Skill: E
Team Aura: C
Reload: R
Interact: F
Fame Road: Tab
Notifications: R
Emote: Up Arrow
Party: P
Mail: M
Cancel: Esc
Confirm: F
Dodge: Left Trigger
Sprint: Left Stick (Press)
Movement: Left Stick
Shoot while Aiming: Right Trigger
Melee Attack: X
Heavy Hit Attack: Y
Primary Skill: Left Button
Secondary Skill: Right Button
Team Aura: B
Reload: Right Stick(Press)
Aiming: Right Stick
Interact: A
Fame Road: View Button
Notifications: Y
Emote: D-Pad Up 
Party: D-Pad Down
Mail: D-Pad Left
Cancel: BConfirm: A
Below are gameplay tips for Space Punks. The game does a good job of helping you progress along the way but these are just a few things to be aware of when starting. 
All four players have advantages and disadvantages in battle. Some characters’ abilities have great range but inflict minor damage while others cause massive damage and lack range. A solution to this is to use all abilities together to cover your weaknesses. Your style of play should also be a major factor in your strategies.
For instance, Duke’s primary skill is a single-use grenade that is most effective against multiple enemies. It has a long cooldown time and sometimes enemies are spread out across the screen. If you use Duke’s decoy to distract the enemies to a specific location you can take out a large number of enemies at once. The decoy can also save you in situations where you need time to reload in the middle of an ambush. 
Looting is a big part of Space Punks’ gameplay and reward system. During the mission, there are a certain amount of loot crates to collect. Each time you open a crate the screen will display how many you have found and how many are left. You also earn rewards and game currencies by reaching daily and weekly milestones such as killing 15 of a particular type of enemy or 50 melee kills. The mini-map shows the undiscovered parts of the map. Walk to the edge to make sure you aren’t missing any undiscovered paths. 
The missions do not require you to inspect the entire map. Once you complete a mission you are forced to return to base in 30 seconds so the best time to explore is while you still have mission objectives left. The other advantage of exploration is that the loot crates contain items and currency which will help you upgrade your character. 
A feature in Space Punks that you don’t often see in games is the resetting of skill points. You can start a completely new path without having to start a new game and keep the skill points you have. As you become more experienced in the game you will play it differently which in turn may require a different set of attributes. If you are on the soldier’s path with 20 skill points you can reset that talent tree and start over with the survivor’s or scavenger’s path with the 20 skill points that you have earned. Don’t be afraid of the path you pick initially because you will always be able to make adjustments.
Gear can only be used if you have reached the required hero level. Level progression does not carry over when you unlock new characters so you want to make sure that you have gear for starting with a new team member. Your only other option would be to grind out missions and hope to find lower-level gear in crates. Although you can find gear in these boxes it is not common and finding weapons, in general, is rare. 
If you need to scrap some gear, consider duplicate weapons of a lower level. You may want to keep multiples of your favorite gear so that you can ensure that you can equip all four characters. If all those options are exhausted scrap gear based on your usage rate of it. 
Space Punks has three different types of missions you can select from. Campaign missions progress you through the game’s storyline. Public missions appear periodically and disappear after a set time. Get-A-Job missions are always available after you reach 350 Fame. 
Select your risk and award level to receive the mission parameters. Do not only look at the mission power level. Campaign and public mission’s degree of difficulty is heavily influenced by the power level. Power level is the average power of your equipment. Your power level is always visible in the upper left corner of your screen under the Fame bar. Pay attention to the mission stats on Get-A-Job missions. A lower power level mission can have stronger enemies than a higher power mission. Cycle through the different parameters and pay attention to the enemies’ HP and damage. Get-A-Job missions help you level up quickly by allowing you to take less developed characters into high XP missions. 
Now that you have a control guide and five beginner tips you can give yourself a head start when starting your Space Punks journey. It is still an open beta game so it’s safe to expect additional changes and content included in the future.