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Though the Xbox Series X/S is still young, there are plenty of fun experiences to be had on Microsoft’s newest line of consoles. The system is home to superb games that we’ll no doubt be talking about for years to come. The system features RPGs, shooters, puzzle games, survival games, and even competitive experiences that throw you against other players to be the last person standing. Better yet are games you can enjoy with friends, either from the couch or online. Something about working together with a friend to defeat bosses or tackle objectives is widely appealing, making it easy to see why co-op games are so popular. The lineup of co-op games is still growing on Xbox Series X, but even now, there are several you absolutely need to play.
These are the best co-op games on Xbox Series X.
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Ever want to be shrunken down to the size of an ant to explore your backyard? This might sound ridiculous, but as a kid, it was a thought that only existed in our imaginations. In Grounded, Obsidian Entertainment made that idea a reality. It’s an interesting survival game that places you in the shoes of a tiny character who must use leaves, blades of grass, and other objects in the backyard to defend against deadly ants and spiders. Grounded can be difficult, but if you play with a friend, collecting resources and braving against powerful enemies is far more manageable. It’s a refreshing take on the survival formula, offering lots of deep gameplay systems that feel satisfying — with a sprinkle of comedy throughout.
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