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Introducing your champion on Steam Deck… hopefully.
When the Steam Deck was first announced back in July 2021, there were plenty of concerns regarding its Linux-based operating system and compatibility with games using anti-cheat software such as Apex Legends. While there’s still some uncertainty around the game’s compatibility, things look promising for Respawn Entertainment’s slick battle royale.
Valve partially quelled fears that Apex Legends wouldn’t make its way to the Steam Deck, but the game still hasn’t been deemed Verified or Playable on the Great on Deck page or the Steam Deck Verified games list. Without this reassurance, there is no way to say for certain whether Apex Legends will be playable at launch.
Despite lack of confirmation, there is a fair amount of evidence to suggest that the battle royale game will be compatible with Steam Deck at some point. Valve revealed Steam Deck support for Epic-owned Easy Anti-Cheat, which is used in titles like Apex Legends, Dead by Daylight, and Fortnite. None of these games have been confirmed as playable or received the Verified tag via the Great on Deck page. There don’t appear to be any other Easy Anti-Cheat games listed on the Great on Deck page, but this could change given that Valve has only dipped its toes into the verification process.
The Steam Deck launches on Feb. 25 with a ship date of Feb. 28 for first-round reservation holders. Valve will be continuously reviewing the Steam Catalog regarding its compatibility. To check your Steam library’s Steam Deck compatibility, you can visit the Great on Deck page or use the CheckMyDeck tool with the help of this guide.
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