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BOOM ESPORTS ended their ESL Stockholm Major run at 9th to 12th place after losing to OG at the lower brackets Wednesday night.
The squad, composed of Erin Jasper «Yopaj» Ferrer, Saieful «Fbz» Ilham, and Timothy «Tims» Randrup, Gabriel “Skem” Ong, and Souliya “JaCkky” Khoomphetsavong, would go home empty-handed after missing the main stage of the tournament.
Boom looked in control in Game 1, going up 4k in gold lead as they took down OG’s mid melee barracks in the 32nd minute following a great team fight and OG's taking of Roshan. However, OG would pay them back as they felled four in a great base defense.
A 37th-minute team fight in Boom’s dire jungle saw OG claim three to easily secure the second Roshan of the game. They would also find a split-pushing FBz in the bottom lane before quickly adding him to the sideline.
With four heroes down, Boom found themselves at a 7K gold deficit and an OG siege. Boom would push back OG, taking down two in the process.


    It was a 46th-minute team fight that saw OG finally breaking Boom’s back. They quickly felled skem and Yopaj, forcing the immediate buyback. Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough as OG’s carry Yuragi found himself an Ultra kill, with only Yopaj managing to sneak away to try and defend the base.
    Down 20k, Boom found refuge when they burned down OG’s new aegis in the 50th-minute mark. Boom looked like they could still hold the game much longer, but OG’s stand-in support ceb found a massive Wind ranger shackle in 51:40 to stun both Yopaj and Jacky.
    OG would then burst down the two before proceeding to take the game.
    Game 2 looked like it would be an even match-up as the teams were just separated by 1K gold until the 15th-minute mark. However, it was OG’s great counter engages that slowly gave momentum back to the European squad.
    A team fight in the 26th-minute saw OG wiped Boom to go up 10k gold lead and take the easy aegis. Another Roshan sally in the 37th minute saw OG tower over Boom with a 21k gold lead.
    OG’s support Taiga found himself a massive Echo Slam in the 39th-minute Barracks push, immediately taking down three of Boom’s heroes. The Southeast Asian squad still managed to hold on, thanks to immediate buybacks.
    Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough as another clutch Wind ranger shackle from ceb gave OG the opportunity to quickly take out Jacky’s Chaos Knight without buyback. Boom would try to continue the defense, but Yuragi’s Morphling was too big at this point, demolishing tier fours to force the GGs in 41:29.
    Meanwhile, Fnatic faces a familiar foe in T1 in the first round of the lower brackets tonight. The SEA brothers face elimination after T1 fell from the Upper bracket after a sweep (2-0) from EU squad Gaimin Gladiators.
    The match will be the last elimination match before the main stage.

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