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No pass, no problem.
The Eclipse 2022 event has started in League of Legends, giving players access to a handful of missions without needing to purchase an event pass.
All players have access to a six-mission track and an extra mission in celebration of the event, which also sees the release of new skins for Kayle, Aatrox, Senna, Sejuani, and Sivir. Players are able to purchase Eclipse Capsules via the in-game shop as well, though these do not provide other missions upon purchase. 
These capsules help increase a new event-exclusive milestone track, which Riot recently introduced as part of the Mythic item overhaul. A bonus mission available to all players from the beginning, requiring players to accumulate 150 points by playing and winning games, awards one Eclipse Capsule and Eclipse Grab Bag for free.
Here are all the Eclipse 2022 missions, and how players can complete them.
The mission track begins with a mystery mission, giving players a riddle that offers no information on how it can be completed. Players have found success in clearing this mission by playing with or against any of the champions that received a new Eclipse skin in this patch. Completing this mission will reward players with 200 Orange Essence.
The first official mission is known as “Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya,” alluding to the new lore of the Eclipse champions looking to take down Kayle. This can be completed by accumulating 30,000 gold and gives 250 Blue Essence as a reward.
Mission two, titled “Weapon of a Lost Age,” becomes accessible after finishing the mystery mission. This requires players to earn a vision score of 35 or higher, which can be achieved in games on Summoner’s Rift. Completing this mission will award one Hextech Key.
The third mission, “The Beast Rider’s Trial,” places an emphasis on the monsters that call the Rift home. To complete this mission and claim a Hextech Chest, players or their team must take down four Epic monsters in a single game. This includes the elemental drakes, Elder Dragon, Rift Herald, and Baron Nashor. This cannot be done in ARAM, as these monsters do not spawn.
To complete mission four, “Knights of the Empty Moon,” players have two options as to what they can do. Either they can achieve twelve or more takedowns in one game, or they can win a single game with an Aatrox on the enemy team. This grants players a Hextech Chest and a Hextech Key.
The final mission of the Eclipse 2022 event, “She Must Be Stopped,” also gives players an option on how they wish to complete it. The easiest way is by winning a game as Senna, Sivir, or Sejuani, though players can also achieve this by gaining 500 objective points. The final reward for this mission set is one Masterwork Chest and a Hextech Key.
Players have until May 12 to complete all of the Eclipse 2022 missions in League.
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